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25 Sep 2018
Expert View PPFAS Long Term Value Fund- An Asset allocation fund in... Mr Rajeev Thakkar
In an interview with Mutual Fund Live, Mr. Rajeev Thakkar- CIO PPFAS Asset Management Private Limited talks about the flagship fun...
Expert View Focus on funds with lower downside capture ratio Mr. Pankaj Tibrewa...
Pankaj Tibrewal, the midas master in the mid-cap space. Appreciated as India’s Best Fund Manager by Outlook Business for two conse...
Expert View When markets rally expect Balanced Funds to capture the... S. Naren, ICICI Pr...
ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund is one fund in the balanced fund category which has been giving consistent returns since its incept...
Expert View A Consistent outperformer in the Large Cap space Mutual Fund Live
A Fund that has consistently outperformed peers and benchmark over a long term horizon. Long Term horizon we all know starts with ...
Expert View A Cruise through the Debt products & Strategies Mr. Rajeev Radhkri...
We take you through the Debt Products of the Fund House, the internal strategies and the positioning in the current scenario from ...
Expert View On board Clients to Mutual Funds with this application Mr. Raghav Iyengar...
Generate new business with this new App from ICICI Prudential AMC and the mood in the market with Mutual Fund SAHI HAI!
Expert View An IFA who tried to approach the Finance Ministry to p... Mr Amit Jain
Mr. Amit Jain of Aadi Wealth Management, Delhi who is a part of the Birla Sun Life IFA Advisory Council, had taken the initiative ...
Expert View The most powerful tool advisors have, to understand the... Ms Shifali Satsangee
Ms. Shifali Satsangee of Funds Vedaa, a proactive advisor, who believes in being agile and that change is the only constant. Not o...
Expert View With 28000 folios to his name, working at ground level... Mr Sajal Roy
Mr. Sajal Roy of Anjali Investments is truly a man of his words. A conversation with him towards the weekend, where we are ready f...
Expert View Be the ULTMATE destination for all your clients financi... Mr L Sridharan
Ultimate Wealth Managers from Bangalore can be synonymed to an advisory firm with a coporate style of working. With strong experti...
Expert View Align your interests with the clients interest and be s... Mr Anurag Bagrodia
Mr. Anurag Bargodia of Nesture- One of the most trusted wealth advisory firm down south, who believes in having his skin in the ga...
Expert View Analysing Funds & Asset allocation- from an advisor to... Mr Abhay Dandekar
Mr. Abhay Dandekar from Pune, who is one of the members of the Birla Sunlife AMC Advisory Council, a representative for the IFA co...
Expert View Best Sales Tool to attract prospects who said a NO Mr B Ramanan
Mr. B Ramanan of Wealth creators, Coimbatore shares the best Sales tool any advisor may apply to attract prospects who once said a...
Expert View Are you like the newly-wed bahu with your clients? Mr Ashish Chadha
Mutual Fund Live in conversation with Mr. Ashish Chadha of Chadha Investments, an Ex-army man who forayed into being an investment...
Expert View Retirement Planning Demystified Mutual Fund Live
Question from a Financial Advisor (FA): Have you started planning for your post-retirement?
Expert View 7th Pay Commission & Opportunities for MFDs Mutual Fund Live
The overall hike of 23.55 percent in the basic salary and allowance of government employees has injected financial impetus of Rs. 1.02 Lakh Crore
Expert View Mutual Fund Report for the year 2016 Mutual Fund Live
AUM Movement category wise, M-o-M, AMC wise, to the amount of Funds mobilized through NFOs to the Net inflows during the year across categories. Read on to know how the year that went did.
Winspire- Inspiring Stories from Women A...


Scheme Name 1 Year % 3 Years %
Equity Theme - Natural Resources -3.03 20.15
Equity - FMCG 15.72 17.16
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - RGESS 13.07 13.82
Equity - Infotech 47.19 13.46
Equity - Banking -3.10 13.18
Equity - Index 9.99 12.38
Global Funds - Foreign Equity 17.83 12.35


Scheme Name Open Date Closed Date
BOI AXA Midcap Tax F... 12-Jul-2018 11-Oct-2018
BOI AXA Midcap Tax F... 12-Jul-2018 11-Oct-2018
BOI AXA Midcap Tax F... 12-Jul-2018 11-Oct-2018
BOI AXA Midcap Tax F... 12-Jul-2018 11-Oct-2018
Aditya Birla SL FTP ... 20-Sep-2018 04-Oct-2018


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