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Advisor Viewpoint
Are you like the newly-wed bahu with your clients?
Mr Ashish Chadha

Mutual Fund Live in conversation with Mr. Ashish Chadha of Chadha Investments, an Ex-army man who forayed into being an investment advisor as destiny had it for him. We have broken the entire conversation with him in two parts so that the value in both the messages which have different context is conveyed. Part one is about Products & Client relationships while part two is a big concern for advisors- IFA or RIA?

There are two important aspects of the advisory profession- Client Relationships and Products. Mr. Ashish Chadha who is in the profession for more than 25 years, shares his wisdom and the basic values that need to be disciplined in every advisor's way of working. 


It is not only important to be updated with the products and the market scenario, but a study of products is also paramount. Unlike a doctor or lawyer, financial advisor ought to have knowledge which must get quantified every morning. 

When it comes to research and knowledge, we study very hard. We are crazy as far as knowledge is concerned. We study in-depth about the products and what is trending in the market. Our job is to get the asset class right even if it means going against the AMCs, Media & clients opinion. It needs courage to stick to your own opinion, the correctness of which is only proved with time. When it comes to financial products, one needs to walk the talk. One cannot own real estate and preach about financial products.

Client Relationships: 

Does writing a blog maintain client relationships? 

Is sending regular emails enough to retain the relationship with clients?   

You have to follow your clients like a Labrador follows his master. 

Immediately after the interview, Ashishji was heading to a client whose investments were making a return of 1% and there is a possibility that she may lose 10% of his principal too! "She will know that we came and communicated during the bad time too!" said Ashishji.

This is basic human courtesy he has got from the Army which teaches to be respectful. An Army always teaches you to return your phone call.

Psychology plays a very important role when it comes to financial planning. An advisor ought to have empathetic listening to the client's issues. At times even if it is not your fault, considering the sensitivity of the situation, rather than defending yourself, the approach should be to fix the problem.

Client advisor relationship is like saas-bahu relationship. When then daughter-in-law is just married, she will listen to everything the mother-in-law says but later she won't. 

From the day one if you are respectful if you stay like a newlywed daughter in law with your client then you will be fine, at the end of the day they pay our salaries. 

The only tool tangible to the client is do you return your phone calls, do you say thank you, sorry? Are you properly dressed and do you reach on time? 

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