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On board Clients to Mutual Funds with this application
- ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

Awareness for Mutual Funds has been on a rise with collective efforts of all the AMCs, Distributors, Media and the newly launched Mutual Funds SAHI HAI awareness initiative by AMFI.

While many distributors use Liquid Funds as an opening batsman to show case better returns than Savings account, i-Save from ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund only makes this proposition to investors more easier for advisors.

iSave-iPruMF An application which provides real time redemption of upto Rs. 200,000 an added Medical Advantage Facility which can act as an emergency fund and better return proposition compared to Savings A/c

A very user friendly application where investments and redemptions will be automatically hard-coded to the distributors ARN, i-Save can be a game changer to the marketing strategies adopted by distributors and an amazing experience with Mutual Funds can keep investors looking for more from Mutual Funds.

Generate new business with this new App from ICICI Prudential AMC and the mood in the market with Mutual Fund SAHI HAI!

Read on to know more about the app- iSave-iPruMF, in an exclusive interview with Mr. Raghav Iyengar- EVP & Head Retail & Institutional Business, ICICI Prudential AMC.

MF Live: IPRUTOUCH was launched in the year 2014. How has the feedback from distributors for I-Pru Touch been? How has it changed the way distributors work? What has changed in the application since its launch?

Raghav Iyengar: The feedback from the distributor community has been very encouraging. The adoption level has been on a steady uptrend and as on date we have 1.68 lakh downloads. We believe this wide spread acceptance is primarily based on investor connect, convenience to use the app, ease and low cost of transaction among several other factors.

Since launch we have continuously improvised the features available on the app in an attempt to provide the best user experience. For the distributors we have aimed be provide one stop solution through this app for a variety of activities and for going paperless.

Following are some of features launched over the last three years.

1) Online empanelment form for digital on boarding of a new distributor

2) Videos on product/ features/market outlook presentations

3) Readily available debt quants, NFO updates

4) Reference facility available through hard coded app

5) Existing client list with name/folio /pan details plus OTM status(pending/rejected/active)

6) Initiating purchase/redemption/switch/rollover/SIP/STP transaction

7) Initiating purchase transactions for new KYC verified investors

8) View Chairman Circle points and current club status

9) Availability of various calculators like vacation planner, dream house, SIP Top Up, SIP returns, retirement etc.

MF Live: You have recently launched a new application which is iSAVE-IPruMF. You call it the ATM (Any Time Money) for Mutual Funds. What are the features of this application?

Raghav Iyengar: The Application iSAVE-IPruMF simplifies the process for existing as well as KYC verified new investors investments in ICICI Prudential Savings Fund (Growth option)

Following are its highlights:

i. Easy folio creation for KYC verified customers through New Investor journey

ii. Make fresh and additional purchases in ICICI Prudential Savings Fund – Growth

iii. Avail quick withdrawal (almost real time) of Rs. 2 lacs or 90% of your redeemable balance whichever is lower, from the Savings Fund

iv. Normal withdrawal facility is also available to withdraw amount greater than 2 lacs

v. Potential Returns of ICICI Prudential Savings Fund

Vi. Additional Medical Advantage Feature (MAF) available for new Folio creations at a click of a button

MF Live: Please throw more light on the Medical Advantage Facility (MAF)? How does this work? Is it available for all investors?

Raghav Iyengar: The Medical Advantage Feature (MAF) is a facility offered by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund in association with Vidal Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. (Vidal Health). Through this facility investors can seamlessly use their investments in ICICI Prudential Savings Fund - Growth to pay for hospitalization costs across India. This facility is available irrespective of health insurance status. The investor can avail this facility through any of Vidal Health’s pan-India network of over 6,000 hospitals and 1,500 diagnostic centers.

For more information on Vidal Health and its empanelled network, please visit www.health4sure.in/iprumf

On successful enrolment, the investor will be provided with the Medical Advantage Card which can be used at all the empanelled network hospitals along with the mandatory Medical Redemption Form.

MF Live: What is the value proposition of i-Save for distributors?

Raghav Iyengar: iSave-IPruMF has a unique proposition for the distributors in the form of ‘Share’ option. Through this, the distributor can share the app on various platforms such as WhatsApp, social media, SMS etc. from where an interested investor can download the app. Whenever, such an investor downloads through the link shared and makes a transaction, all such transactions will be hardcoded to the distributor’s code, thereby allowing the distributor to expand his investor network.

MF Live: How would you differentiate between the two applications for distributors: I-Pru Touch and i-Save?

Raghav Iyengar: Currently, existing and new investors can only transact in ICICI Prudential Savings Fund – Growth option through iSave-IpruMF Through this app, an investor can have a firsthand experience of investing in mutual funds. On the other hand, IPRUTOUCH has all our schemes, content related to the same and is designed to carry out all kinds of mutual fund related transactions. In effect, iSave-IpruMF can be seen as an onboarding platform wherein the investor has the option to graduate to IPRUTOUCH.

iSave-IpruMF: http://onelink.to/nrdej3   / Missed Call Number: 8806004060

IPRUTOUCH: http://onelink.to/4dmype   / Missed Call Number: 8882501234

MF Live: With technology taking a dominant position for everything that we do today, what are the future propositions and value additions one can expect from this application?

Raghav Iyengar: We are working on some additional features which will be announced at an appropriate time.


All data/information in this material is specific to a time and may or may not be relevant in future post issuance of this material. ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited (the AMC) takes no responsibility of updating any data/information in this material from time to time. The AMC (including its affiliates), ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund (the Fund), ICICI Prudential Trust Limited (the Trust) and any of its officers, directors, personnel and employees, shall not liable for any loss, damage of any nature, including but not limited to direct, indirect, punitive, special, exemplary, consequential, as also any loss of profit in any way arising from the use of this material in any manner. Nothing contained in this document shall be construed to be an investment advice or an assurance of the benefits of investing in the any of the Schemes of the Fund. Recipient alone shall be fully responsible for any decision taken on the basis of this document.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related

documents carefully

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