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The only Woman ambassador of Money Quotient

Launching this International Women’s Day week, our initiative “Winspire” is about encouraging women advisors and providing insights to other women advisors about the financial advisory profession.

Mutual Fund Live spoke to Tejal Gandhi of Money Matters who is the only woman ambassador of Money Quotient in India, which truly defines the way in which she has taken control of her profession and is scaling new heights.

Read on to know her insights:

MF Live: 24 years of experience in Banking and Financial Industry, how was your work experience in the bank you worked and what leanings do you cherish from your experience at the bank?

Tejal Gandhi: I hold a banking tenure with Standard Chartered Bank for over 14 years. Working with an MNC bank, within various divisions ranging from Retail Banking to Corporate Communications to Process Development and Risk Control has increased my overall adaptability to understand the diverse cultures prevailing in the market (both national and international), thereby understanding processes and systems throughout the industry. I’m also malleable to a structured environment hence, inculcating good working habits.

My key learning included teaching and making audiences attentive to the importance of the basic banking. I used to be concerned as a consultant with numerous projects associated with Banking similarly as developing a basic module on Basics of Banking and regulations. Till date, that continues to be my flagship program which I provide as per the necessity of the company or NGO.

MF Live: What encouraged you to establish Money Matters? And who all helped you to start up with this new venture?

Tejal Gandhi: I derive my inspiration from all who know better than me and that I suppose that includes everyone. I learn even from my cleaner who manages her work life balance better than me and from the most effective CEOs who run the biggest world organizations. There’s such a lot to be told from everyone we tend to are connected with.

And of course, my parents and God who have given me the values and the drive I have.

The basic aim of my organization is to provide investor education, primarily within the banking domain to our target market. Since it concerned cash and solutions associated with cash, after an excellent session of group action with a colleague I made a decision to call it Money Matters (Customizing financial Solutions).

MF Live: How did you build a team for Money Matters and what hurdles come when managing a team?

Tejal Gandhi: We have a small team at Money Matters who is dedicated and hard working towards meeting our goals. My Company being a proprietary concern, the biggest challenge I face on an ongoing basis is that the competition against larger organizations and banks that have a bigger presence and reach in many ways. However, in spite of all the technology and service standards claimed by the big sharks (that’s what I call them!); my company has managed to carve a reputation and niche within the industry which I’m very proud of.

MF Live: Tell us about your sales strategy and also how can one master in marketing?

Tejal Gandhi: Our maximum business comes from business and corporate references to expand sales. Moreover, we are eminently engaged in workshops and seminars with corporate. Such workshops mainly include Investor Awareness Program(s). The workshops are centralized around our target market, which includes corporate employees, working women and families.

MF Live: You have taken networking to new heights with the number of forums you are active on, be it in India or abroad. Be it technical or social forums. How did you manage to do that? Please share your journey.

Tejal Gandhi: I have an incredible spark to reach out to people in the form of various corporate participations and drive several initiatives towards a profound development. Such active awareness and support has led to a success at networking.

MF Live: How has your Mass communications & PR degree has given an extra value to your profession?

Tejal Gandhi: The degree has provided strength to my organization in the form of strong media presence. I was also the editor of Standard Chartered Magazine for 2 years, thereby enhancing my business communications. Furthermore, I believe, that the vitality of business communications with our clients is of immense importance. An example of this which we follow at the organization is that, we send weekly newsletters to our clients. This practice is being followed consecutively for 15 years, hence, adding extra value to our business.

MF Live: How would you like to encourage women to enter the industry and already in the industry?

Tejal Gandhi: The industry is engaging and attractive to enter for women because it provides a flexi-hour working environment. Women are also believed to be better money managers and comparatively more trustworthy and empathetic towards the clients.

MF Live: You are the only women ambassador of Money Quotient. What is money quotient about? How has it changed things for you?

Tejal Gandhi: Money Quotient is a non-profit organization founded on the belief that a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to financial education and planning will engage individuals and inspire them to maximize their resources and live purposeful lives.

Their research-based 5-E Financial Life Planning process and training creates a foundation for meaningful dialogue, and provides a robust model for delivering personalized financial advice that nurtures trust-based client relationships.

Money Quotient focuses on both the practical and emotional factors that either enhance or hinder financial satisfaction and quality of life. According to their underlying philosophy, an individual’s “true wealth” (MQ) is comprised of two essential components: financial knowledge (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Rather than using net worth as a snapshot of financial status, we take a more holistic approach to measuring financial health and maximizing quality of life.

With this goal in mind, we have created a distinctive 5-E Financial Life Planning Process for nurturing successful client relationships.

Money Quotient has helped me in a way to get an overview of the clients’ mind in a more humane way. Moreover, it has helped me into leading those conversations thereby, making an unbiased and rational decisions through behavioral finance strategy.

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