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Empowering Lives with IAPs, a must read for advisors

Mutual Fund Live brings to you the best insights from Ms. Alpa Shah of Next level Education, famously known as the social entrepreneur and a master at conducting IAP programmes. On International Woman’s Day, she shares her insights on the best marketing strategy any advisor ought to adopt. She has not only excelled at conducting investor awareness programmes, but is known across the industry for actively doing so.

She was the ambassador for Kotak Mutual Fund on the Kotak SIP day. Not just that she has empowered many investors with her work.

Her insights are valuable not only to women advisors, but for the entire fraternity. We love the way she shares her knowledge in this article, crisp and informative.

On conducting Investor Awareness Programmes (IAPs)

There are two kinds of IAP

1)Corporate IAP : This can be conducted at Multinational companies, institutions, corporate companies etc

Common IAP : These are for say Government institutions, colleges, teachers, etc

Road Map to conducting Corporate IAP: 
1)Request letter
2)CEO / HR : Meet HR, training head of the company and mention about  the prospects.

Roadmap to conducting Common IAP:
1)Informal invitation : held at societies, colleges, etc
2)For education and chai: You can call people and their families in your office and have an IAP over chai.

Marketing Strategy for IAP: Social media is extensively used to market the event and invite audience.

So what should be the content of IAP???

The IAP should cover all the below mentioned topics in sequential order;

Wealth Protection

Understanding Risk


Wealth Building

30:30 Challenge

3 Baskets – Asset Allocation

Why Equity? Why SIP?

Regret of 5 & Power of 7

Start Early – Power of Compounding


How to on board new clients?

To bring new clients, we do:
i)Circulate IAP feedback/ attendance sheet in the session.

ii)Calling the participants post session and having a proper follow up with them.

iii)KYC/other helpdesk after IAP session. Meeting one to one post session and even in the helpdesk.

iv)Meeting in office with family.

v)No selling of products, we ensure they are empowered and invest according to their goals.

Research on Success Ratio of IAPs

Below is a research done (Source: www.nextleveleducation.in)
The results of the IAP research are interesting and insightful. Of the 310 -respondents, 164 or 53% are doing IAPs. 177 or 69% of respondents have either benefitted or perceive that such activities will help in expanding their business.

To conclude one can say that 100% of those who have done IAPs have experienced business growth. This means IAPs have become a significant strategy for business expansion.

Conducting Investor Awareness programmes have the following benefits:
1. It enhances the knowledge of the IFA

2. It enhances the communication skills of the IFA

3. It enhances the presentation skills of the IFA

4. It enhances the personal brand value of the IFA

5. It creates opportunities to build new relationships

6. It helps in acquiring new customers

(however please note that IAP isn’t a platform to close business. Treat it as a platform to acquire database and build relationship. Engage with the new audience by way of providing further education and have the patience for the customer to approach you)

If you are serious about the profession and wish to be in this profession for the next decade or two, then conducting Investor Awareness Programmes has to become an integrated part of your business development strategy.

Conducting Investor Awareness Programme is a “must” and “necessary” condition for business success.

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